Uppony is a small village with a population of 430 located in the Nature Protection Area of Lázbérc surrounded by the Uppony Mountains in Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén County in Hungary. There is a valley leading to the Lázbérc Reservoir – which is a beautiful artificial lake – from the village. This valley is unique in the country and is known as the Uppony Valley. The humble hiker can discover small caves and chambers in its crystallite limestone walls that tower toward the sky. Nicely crafted Neolithic stone blades and animal bones from the last Ice Age have been recovered from these caves. Holes in these unclimbable high rock walls provided safe nesting for the biggest owl species of the country – the uhu. It has become the favorite nesting-place for the crow population lately.
The surroundings are extremely rich in natural beauty: excellent hiking and mountain-biking tracks are waiting for our visitors. From the huge wooden cross which is situated on the rocky Eszkala Peak and marks the boundaries of how far Reformation spread and from the volcanic Three Rocks Cliff the hiker can enjoy a fantastic view of the Bükk Mountains and the whole region. A healthy hike to the picturesquely wild Damasa Chasm could take a whole day. Driving off-road through the Nekézseny Valley the Csermely Stream must be crossed at least seven times to reach the Mihály Well. From here you can either descent to the Lázbérc Reservoir or can drive on the ridge to Vízköz Top where you can enjoy the view of the lake and the valley.
The Lázbérc Reservoir is approximately 1 km (0.6 miles) from our Guesthouse and it is a spectacular fishing site. The lake is rich in fish: the local fishing association is very keen on providing new supplies of fish every year.
3 kms (1.8 mils) from Uppony in Borsodbóta you can enjoy horseback-riding as well.